Preventative workshops

At The Insight Network, we have developed a series of cognitive and behavioural employee workshops designed to increase the resilience of individuals and teams so that they are better able to manage the pressures of operating in today’s turbulent times. Increasing workloads, the pace of organisational change and restructuring, management styles and external pressures are all having an impact on employee health an performance. Indeed, stress is the number one cause of long term absence in the UK  (The CIPD 2011 Absence Management survey 2011).

Why invest in The Insight Network’s workshops?

  • The cost of work force problems for the UK economy, due to lack of resilience, is £12 billion per year in lost output.
  • The cost to the taxpayer through benefits and treatment is in the region of £7 billion.
  • The total approximate cost of work stress represents more than 10% of the GDP
  • Absenteeism: the HSE report suggest that in Great Britain in 2001-2002 (a 12-month period), about 13.4 million work days were lost because of stress, with those affected by this condition absent for 29.2 days on average.
  • Occupational stress: the annual cost of occupational stress for employers is from £353 million to £381 million (1995-1996) and society from £3.7 to £3.8 billion.
  • “Presenteeism” – the illnesses people take with them to work, even though they incur far lower direct costs, usually account for a greater loss in productivity because they are so prevalent and so often go untreated, and typically occur during peak working years. Those indirect costs have long been largely invisible to employers.

With annual UK absence costs estimated at £17billion, the payback potential for those organisations who invest in preventative employee wellbeing programs is material.

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