Autism assessment

Our specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments follow the recommendations of NICE guidelines and the National Autistic Society.

During an assessment, a detailed developmental history is taken using the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R), a semi-structured interview designed to elicit information about the person’s past history up to current day-to-day functioning. At the same time, an in-depth neuropsychological assessment, such as the ADOS, is carried out with the person concerned.

This information is brought together to formulate a diagnosis and recommendation of needs. In-depth reports are prepared and care is taken to consider the interventions already in place and where it is possible to endorse current practice. If further intervention or new options for a person are felt necessary, suggestions are given for consideration. Findings and conclusions are explained in detail.

The services needed are discussed with the person, or their parents or carers. There is plenty of time for discussion around the findings. Questions about coping with difficult behaviour and different interventions are frequent. It is possible to give some general advice but referrals are made back to local services and to the network of the national and local autism societies for specific help.

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