Mood assessment questionnaire

Assess your mood using the self-assessment questionnaire below. Count up the total for all of the answers that most closely match your recent mood and use the information at the bottom of the page to make an assessment.

Over the past 3 weeks I have been feeling: Not at all Several days More than half of the days
That things which I usually enjoy give me less pleasure 0 1 2
I am having more trouble sleeping or going to sleep 0 1 2
My appetite has changed (poor appetite or overeating) 0 1 2
I am having more trouble concentrating 0 1 2
I am worrying more than ever 0 1 2
I am finding it harder to relax 0 1 2
I feel less able to cope with everyday challenges 0 1 2
I am finding it harder to socialise 0 1 2
I feel more low and less optimistic 0 1 2
I feel more isolated and alone 0 1 2

Assessing your questionnaire score

  • 0-5 You are rising to the challenge.
  • 6-10 You are coping but things are not easy. A good chat with a friend and doing something you enjoy would be a good idea.
  • 11-15 You are not at your personal best and are finding things harder than usual. Something needs to change for you to feel better. Speak to one of our therapists for a one off review session to assess your situation and see what you can do and what would help.
  • 16-20 You are having a difficult time. Contact your GP and/or our clinic so you can get help and support.

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