Good meaningful relationships form the basis of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Every human being needs them and we spend a lot of time trying to find and develop them.

Each area of our life is partly dependent on the way we build and maintain relationships. Relationships at work, with family members, lovers, friends, all of them can help or hinder our experiences and progress in life. Developing and improving our relationships is an important area of our life. Therapy can help us achieve it.

While there are plenty of ups and downs in every relationship, if you aren’t happy it is important to know when to address the issues you’re facing. At times we find ourselves repeating unhelpful patterns of relating or we are in a negative relationship dynamic which we need to break out of. If the relationship with your boss, a collegue, a family member, a friend or your partner is causing you stress, please contact our team so that we can recommend the right therapist and the right therapy model to you.

Common relationship difficulties:

Abuse/ Bullying/ Harassment

Abuse can take many forms and be more or less subtle. However you will feel impoverished and fearful of the other person. If spending time with somebody makes you feel inadequate, and down about yourself it is time to seek help.


If you or your partner relies on the other for too much, a co-dependent relationship could form. This means that one person bases their confidence, self-esteem and happiness on the other, relying on them to feel good about themselves. Being too dependent on another person can cause resentment from the other, causing arguments and conflict down the road.


While addiction requires its own approach to overcome, it is important to note how issues like these affect relationships – for both the person suffering from the addiction and their partner. Whether it is a substance abuse, internet addiction or even a shopping addiction, the resulting financial and emotional issues can be devastating for relationships.

Communication problems

Communication is at the heart of all relationships, and when it falters, it can lead to problems. The lack of good communication will lead to constant misunderstandings, lack of productivity, anger, frustration and stress. Whatever the concern, establishing a good line of communication is important.

Cultural issues

Cross cultural relationships can bring with them a unique set of difficulties, ranging from a difference in religion to language barriers. Coming together to discuss this openly, without judgement or bias can be a useful exercise.

Marriage issues

Whether you are having pre-nuptial concerns, or are considering separation or divorce, these life-changing events can affect you both emotionally. Sometimes talking your worries through can help you when making such big decisions.

Family issues

This covers all things to do with family – whether you and your partner differ in parenting styles, or there is conflict between you and another family member. The way we relate to our family can also be influence the way we relate to others within relationships. These patterns can be explored further in therapy.

Sexual difficulties

No matter if the causes are physiological or psychological, sexual difficulties have an impact on our relationships and our self-esteem. Seeking the right help can improve our self-image and increase the ability to have a fulfilling relationship.

Work-life balance

Sometimes the stresses and strains of everyday life can take their toll on relationships. Failing to maintain a healthy work-life balance can be a source of contention within relationships and also be detrimental to our sense of wellbeing.

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