Employee wellbeing

The Insight Network Resilience building Program provides a range of services which include the employee and organisation assessments, prevention and skills training, treatment and back to work /relapse prevention programme.

Our program is evidence based and will support your company and your staff to achieve their aims whilst preventing and treating stress related presenteeism, absenteeism and mental ill health.

Why this employee resilience programme?

  • Psychological problems are the second highest cause of sickness absence. Those suffering from work-related stress take, on average, 22.6 days off work per year (HSE, 2010).
  • There are relationships between the levels of psychological well-being in a workforce and productivity /sickness absence (e.g. Harter et al., 2003, Wright, 2009).
  • Mental ill-health costs UK employers £28 billion a year (NICE, 2009).
  • Costs associated with ‘presenteeism’ – when employees attend work when ill – are estimated to cost the economy up to £15 billion per year (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 2007).
  • NICE estimates that effective management of mental health in an organisation with 100 employees could save £250,000 per year (NICE, 2009).
  • Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health of their employees. Failure to do so can lead to prosecution or enforcement action.

Preventative workshops

We offer cognitive and behavioural employee workshops designed to increase the resilience of individuals and teams so that they are better able to manage the pressures of operating in today’s turbulent times.

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