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38,000 Students were asked about their mental health by The Insight Network and Digin Box

Half of those who took part (50.3%) suffer with thoughts of self-harm, twice as high as 2017.

1 in 10 (9.4%) think of self-harm often or always

More than 4 out of 10 (44.7%) admitted using drugs and alcohol to cope with their problems

1 in 10 (9.5%) said they did this often or always

1 in 3 (33.9%) has experienced a serious psychological issue for which they needed professional help, which has increased by almost 1% since 2017

High levels of anxiety – 42.8% often or always worried

Almost 9 in 10 (87.7) % struggled with feelings of anxiety – up 18.7% since 2017

One third (33%) suffering from loneliness often or all the time.

More than 1 in 5 (21.5%) said they had a mental health diagnosis ; Depression (10.2%) and Anxiety (8.4%) Disorders

Stigma persists ; more than 3/4 (75.6%) concealing their symptoms from friends

We also flagged up vulnerable groups; 2nd & 3rd years ‘significantly higher risk’ than freshers

Highest rates of anxiety, loneliness and substance misuse

Persistent thoughts of self-harm were are highest among 2nd year students

Dr Stephen Pereira, Consultant Psychiatrist & Lead Director said:

Dr Stephen Pereira

‘More research is needed to understand the specific risk and protection factors at play during different years of University, in order for support services to effectively meet these year specific demands.

For further commentary see the press-release here

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